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    About Star Anise
The star anise is botanically known as Illicium Verum. It is dark-brown in colour with eight segments. It has a sweetish licorice taste. In traditional Chinese medicine, star anise is prescribed as an digestive aid, promoting health of female reproductive organs and for lactating mothers to increase breast-milk secretion.

Welcome to The Spice Kitchen! As history puts it, the Hakkas who left Southern China and settled in India loved eating the local spices and incorporated it with their cooking style since the early 19th century.

An authentic Indian-Chinese, Indian and Thai restaurant where traditional Hakka recipes infused with Indian spices take dishes to another level of culinary delights and set to tickle your palate with blends of flavours which recipes are mixed and matched.

This unique combination has resulted in an original menu of its kind we call Indian-Chinese cuisine. These are authentic recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation and can only be found in specific regions. Today, which we believe to be a first-of-its kind authentic Indian-Chinese, Indian, Thai restaurant in Malaysia! Imagine textured plastered walls that throws off distinct shadows contrasted with colourful, designer seats and huge characteristic Oriental wooden cabinets. It's a heady mix of Eastern influences and a Western contemporary look.

To ensure the authenticity of our recipes and high quality of our cuisine, we have on board executive chef Binod Rai, who hails from Kolkata, where the original Hakkas settled in. He brings with him 25 years of culinary experience and numerous awards from world-class dining outlets around the world and was last stationed in Singapore for over 8 years. Chef Binod has also worked for one of the best establishments in Kolkata The Oberoi Grand Hotel. The Spice Kitchen's menu can be categorised into 3 main areas; Indian-Chinese, Indian and Thai cuisine.

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