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Story of The Spice Kitchen!

Since its introduction to Indian Cuisine in the 14th Century, the "Kebab" has been grilled to perfection at the hands of talented Indian Chefs.

Today, it is relished in all parts of the world for its characteristic flavour and distinctive taste. At the Spice Kitchen, we draw out inspiration from India's famed North West and "Awadh" regions, to offer you some of the most exotic Indian cuisine.

Exotic preparations, marinated to perfection and grilled to succulence, await you at the The Spice Kitchen. A wide variety of Kebabs, biriyanis, Dals and Chutneys, complicated by a selection of fine cuisine, complete your culinary journey.

Witness our master chefs put on an exciting visual display, The Indian Tandoor unfolds before you amidst plush interiors and a tasteful ambience.

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